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    Digital tools, including bots, mark the advent of a new era in automotive purchasing


    Purchasing departments need to be re-oriented and open to digital tools. Otherwise, the competitiveness of automakers and their supplier partners will be at risk.

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    Ford: "The shift from hardware to software is changing the cost structure"


    Ford’s global purchasing chief, Thai-Tang, 51, discusses Ford’s software-focused strategic goals, the reasoning behind some of its recent investment decisions, and the implications of the industry’s move to electric mobility.

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    Survey: Purchasers do without IT support


    SAP and other sofware makers have limited success in corporate purchasing departments, a RAAD study shows (Photo: SAP) Purchasing departments at German companies more often than not manage without IT systems that are tailored to their requirements. According to a survey conducted last year by Germany's RAAD Research, fewer than ...

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    automotiveDAY: 10 German suppliers join forces on IT sourcing


    Brose’s Ley spoke during the automotiveDAY conference Ten mid-sized German automotive suppliers plan to jointly buy in IT products in an effort to build scale together and reduce costs, one of their CIOs said Thursday. "In October, when we first discussed this, I didn't think we could do it," said ...

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    TRW uses POET SaaS e-Procurement solution


    TRW Automotive is the latest customer of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-Procurement solution provided by Germany’s POET. The US-based automotive supplier will use POET’s electronic purchasing platform in its European operations. A global rollout is planned for a later date. To facilitate the changeover, TRW’s electronic catalogs were transferred from an ...