Jaguar XJ BlackBerry integration

A Blackberry Smartphone is integrated into the Jaguar XJ using RealVNC software

Jaguar's XJ model will feature smartphone connectivity developed by British remote-control software maker RealVNC.

At the Blackberry World conference in Orlando, Florida, this week Jaguar showed the system, which projects the display of a smartphone onto its central touchscreen.

The system, which is called "Connect and View," adds to the usual making and receiving of calls via a mobile phone with functionality that allows phone-based applications, music and navigation systems to be shown on the touchscreen.

The system "will make a significant difference to the way our customers use the entertainment systems on our vehicles as well as their Smartphones," said Bob Joyce, group engineering director at Jaguar Land Rover.

Carmakers are integrating increasingly sophisticated infotainment systems in their vehicles as customers demand that entertainment and information available at home can also be accessed in the car.

As smartphones have become more powerful, they are proving to be a viable alternative to embedded automotive systems, provided they are connected in such as way that they can be easily operated while driving.

Connect and View software will be available in both Jaguar and Land Rover products from late 2012. The connectivity has been developed together with Blackberry and Japanese automotive supplier Denso.