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  • google.automotiveIT

    Google takes stake in German artificial intelligence think tank


    Google hopes to use some products and services developed by German researchers  (Photo: DFKI) Google has acquired a shareholding in the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The institute said the move will make it easier to transfer the results of research activities to business and society. ...

  • bosch.automotiveIT

    Automated driving gets a boost as Bosch joins research project


    Many requirements need to be met for autonomous driving (Photo: Bosch) Robert Bosch said it has joined a German research product aimed at speeding up the development of automated-driving technologies. The German automotive supplier group said Ko-HAF, as the project is called, wants to help develop cars "in which ...

  • tu clausthal.automotiveIT

    App prototype provides wrong-direction alert


    The wrong-way-driver alert uses car-to-x technologies for its warnings(Photo: Technical University Clausthal) Each year there are roughly 1,800 reports of drivers heading the wrong way on Germany's autobahn network. When this leads to accidents, they are often serious. One in six people involved in a resulting collision is killed. ...

  • bmw i3.automotiveIT

    BMW to conduct future mobility research in Singapore


    The electric BMW i3 city vehicle will be launched later this year (Photo: BMW) BMW has teamed up with Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to conduct research on future transportation technologies. The collaboration will focus on advanced battery materials for electric vehicles, human machine interfaces and mobility patterns and ...

  • tomtom via.automotiveIT

    PND shipments seen falling as alternatives find favor


    As PND sales slumped, navigation specialist TomTom's revenue dropped 17 pc in 2012 (Photo: TomTom) Sales of personal navigation devices (PNDs) are set to decline sharply in coming years as consumers opt for alternatives, according to a report by Berg Insight. The analysts predicted that PND sales will fall ...

  • Lexus.CES.automotiveIT

    CES: Lexus research vehicle has next-gen driver assistance


    Lexus has equipped the research vehicle with a broad array of sensors (Photo: Arjen Bongard) LAS VEGAS -- A research vehicle based on the Lexus LS showed the direction safety technologies are likely to take in coming years, Toyota said. The Japanese carmaker showed a vehicle that is equipped ...

  • volvo v40.china.automotiveIT

    China-Sweden research center opened in Beijing


    Volvo's knee airbag, seen here in the V40 Cross Country, underscores the carmaker's push for better safety features (Photo: Volvo) Representatives of Volvo Cars, the truck maker Volvo and universities in Gothenburg and Shanghai attended the official inauguration of the China-Sweden Research Center for Traffic Safety in Beijing this ...

  • Audi F12

    Audi completes e-platform research project


    Audi's F12 research vehicle looks like an electric version of the R8 (Photo: Audi) Audi said it has completed a three-year research project designed to build a technology platform for electric mobility. The German premium car maker said the platform's modules can now be used in a variety of ...

  • ibm africa.automotiveIT

    IBM opens research lab in Nairobi


    IBM’s Nairobi research lab will look at ways to improve transportation infrastructure (Photo: IBM) IBM is opening its first African research lab in Nairobi, where it will focus specifically on the problems and issues facing the continent. The US-based IT services group said the facility in the Kenyan capital will ...

  • daimler spotlight.automotiveIT

    Hanover researchers work on better headlights


    Intelligent lighting systems could adjust beams automatically (Photo: Daimler) Researchers at Leibniz University in Hanover are developing a new automotive lighting system that gives drivers a clearer view of the road and makes their car more visible at night. The researchers, who work in the university's Institute of Product Development, ...

  • kroes 2012.automotiveIT

    EU pushes for more access to scientific research


    EU Commissioner Kroes wants the internet to play a key role in easing access to research materials (Photo: EU) The European Commission, in a move to boost innovation in Europe, is pushing to make scientific information more easily available to everyone. The governing body of the 27-nation European Union will ...

  • consulting.automotiveIT

    Gartner: Global IT spending to rise 3 pc in 2012


     Gartner says IT consultants are in demand, but global IT spending remains lackluster (Photo: Gartner) Global IT spending is set to rise 3 pc in 2012 to 3.6 trillion dlrs, with investments in cloud-based services posting particularly strong growth, according to a Gartner forecast. The market researchers said the ...

  • paintable battery.automotiveIT

    Paintable battery addresses key EV issue


    Researchers at Rice University have developed a "paintable" lithium-ion battery that could help improve the design and weight of electric vehicles. The researchers have developed a battery that can be spray-painted in layers on virtually any surface. Each layer represents a traditional battery component. The technology "allows all kinds of ...

  • simulator stuttgart.automotiveIT

    Europe's biggest driving simulator inaugurated


    It took three years to build the Stuttgart simulator (Photo: IVK) Stuttgart University inaugurated Europe's biggest driving simulator this week after three years of construction. The University's Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering (IVK) hopes the simulator will boost research to reduce accidents and lower traffic-related energy consumption. ...

  • stanford wireless charging.automotiveIT

    Stanford researchers design magnetic highway for wireless EV charging


    Researchers at Stanford University have designed a system that would let electric vehicles wirelessly recharge their batteries while driving on a highway. The technology involves the use of magnetic fields to wirelessly transmit large electric currents between metal coils placed several feet apart along the highway. The electric vehicle, which ...

  • nissan technical center.automotiveIT

    Nissan, GE collaborate to speed up EV adoption


    Nissan will coordinate joint research from its technical center in Farmington Hills, Mich (Photo: Nissan) Nissan and GE signed a two-year research collaboration pact to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. The Japanese carmaker, whose Nissan LEAF is one of the first EVs to be available to customers worldwide, ...

  • nissan mind-reading.automotiveIT

    At Nissan, researchers hope to develop a mind-reading car


    Nissan and the EPFL university are testing mind-reading systems with a wheelchair (Photo: EPFL) It's the thought that counts in a new Nissan Europe research project. The Japanese carmaker, together with the Lausanne Technical University (EPFL) is studying whether brain waves can actually direct a vehicle. "After scanning the thought ...

  • honda tests solar charging.automotiveIT

    German researchers test new EV charging station


    The industry is working hard on new EV charging technologies. Honda is testing solar charging stations German researchers are testing a new charging station for electric vehicles that can adapt to different plug-in standards. The Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS), an independent institute that provides ...

  • xfab.automotiveIT

    Germany's project HONEY: Designing smaller chips


    German technology companies hope that improved production methods will help reduce the size and weight of in-car semiconductors (Photo:XFAB) Four German semiconductor makers have concluded project "HONEY" and have come up with new methods to make smaller chips. With roughly 1,000 chips and as many as 80 networked electronic systems ...

  • VW TAP.automotiveIT

    VW shows how to drive 130 km/h with no hands on the wheel


    VW’s automatic pilot can perform all functions, but a human driver can take over any time (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has developed technology that allows hands-free driving at speeds of 130 kilometers/hour. The German carmaker, which showed the technology in final presentations for a European research project, said it represents a ...