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  • HaptX Inc - VR Gloves for Automotive Training

    HaptX Gloves Development Kit gives a VR helping hand


    Image: HaptX HaptX, a start-up with offices in Seattle and San Luis Obispo, California, has launched a Gloves Development Kit for advanced simulation with haptic feedback. The wired-up VR ‘gloves’ are said to deliver “realistic touch feedback” and “natural interaction”, suitable for applications in design and engineering, as well ...

  • vw virtual

    Volkswagen develops simulations for virtual validation


    Volkswagen is trialling virtual test-drive simulations with a view to shortening development and validation times for driver assistance systems. These are to ‘teach’ the cars, potentially cutting the costs of physical testing as well as accelerating the learning speed of the systems themselves, since the simulations can run continuously. Fewer ...

  • System-Simulation-Mechatronic-Systems_tcm27-25990

    Siemens PLM introduces ‘digital twin’ simulation for autonomous EV design


    Image: Siemens PLM Siemens PLM is launching a software solution for the design of autonomous electric vehicles. This uses thermal design data to generate precise models, and is said to give the potential for early design changes and prediction of real-world performance, as well as a reduction in the ...

  • nvidia DRIVE

    NVIDIA opens Drive Constellation platform, launches DevKit


    Image: NVIDIA NVIDIA has opened up its Drive Constellation simulation platform to partners for virtual testing and validation of autonomous driving hardware and software. Partners are invited to integrate their world models, vehicle models and traffic scenarios to create real-world representations of unpredictable and complex environments, which will in ...

  • P90320171_lowRes_the-high-fidelity-si

    BMW builds Driving Simulation Centre in Munich


    Image: BMW BMW is investing around €100 million in a new driving simulation facility at its FIZ Research and Innovation Centre, Munich. It describes this as to be the world’s most advanced of its kind, and says it will enable virtual testing of advanced assistance systems and display and ...

  • rFpro_shanghai_crop

    rFpro launches commercial platform for autonomous driving simulation


    Image: fRpro - Shanghai simulation model UK-based rFpro has launched a software platform said to be the first commercially-available simulation for ‘training’ and developing autonomous vehicles. This has already been adopted by two major automakers who are carrying out over two million virtual miles of testing per month, and ...

  • siemens.automotiveIT

    Siemens PLM to acquire TASS simulation software company


    TASS PreScan allows the simulation of complex traffic situations (Photo: TASS) Siemens plans the acquisition of simulation software specialist TASS International, in a move to strengthen its product lifecycle management (PLM) business. Terms of the transaction weren t disclosed. Netherlands-based TASS specializes in autonomous driving, integrated ...

  • renault.automotiveIT

    Renault invests in virtual testing company for autonomous driving


    Renault wants to launch 10 vehicles with autonomous capacity by 2020 (Photo: Renault) Renault is buying a 35 pc stake in Autonomous Vehicle Simulation (AVS), a move that will help it in efforts to develop and test autonomous vehicles. AVS was formed together with Oktal, a unit of French ...

  • Siemens NX.automotiveIT

    Siemens PLM unveils latest version of NX software


    Siemens promises faster solutions with the latest version of its NX software (Photo: Siemens) Siemens PLM has released the latest version of its NX CAD/CAM software package, claiming the product will provide more flexibility and reduce time to market for the products it will help design and engineer. The Germany-based ...

  • kuli.automotiveIT

    Tesis, Magna promise better thermal management simulation


    Thermal simulations are crucial in the development of EVs (Photo: Kuli) Automotive supplier Magna and simulation specialist Tesis Dynaware are combining their simulation products to provide a complete analysis of a car's energy and thermal management. The two companies are coupling Tesis Dynaware's DYNA4 full vehicle simulation with Magna's KULI ...

  • bosch electromotor.automotiveIT

    Bosch, CST develop simulation for power electronics


    A Bosch electric motor Robert Bosch, Computer Simulation Technology AG and Berlin's Technical University are jointly developing a software package to test energy-efficient power electronics. The project may help the electric-vehicle industry lower costs and speed up development of key technology inside the car. The so-called SOlar project - a ...

  • ansys simulation.automotiveIT

    Simulation exec says new approach crucial to EV success


    Ansys says multi-dimensional simulation is key to developing EVs and batteries (illustration: Ansys) A senior Ansys executive said new thinking about simulation - and a new toolset - is required tosuccessfully master the complexity of developing electric vehicles and the battery systems that power them. "This decade is a new ...

  • lifemodeler.automotiveIT

    Software helps prevent injuries in car manufacturing


    LifeModeler’s biomechanical simulation software helps identify and reduce injury risks in manufacturing An Ohio State University institute is implementing MSC and Lifemodeler software to assess and prevent injuries in car manufacturing. MSC Software, a provider of multidisciplinary simulation solutions, said Ohio State's Center for Occupational Health in Automotive Manufacturing (COHAM) ...

  • manufacturing,automotiveIT

    Small, mid-sized companies hesitate with simulation software


    Plant operations can be improved with simulation software With product variety on the rise, automotive suppliers are trying to cope with ever more complex production processes. Especially small and medium-sized companies are facing huge challenges. One solution is the digital factory. Automakers and their tier-1 suppliers have taken a leading ...

  • fujitsu virtual driving

    Fujitsu develops traffic simulator with greater scope


    Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a wide-area traffic simulation system that allows the reproduction of traffic flows involving tens of thousands of vehicles. “The new simulator makes it possible to verify in advance the effectiveness of a variety of traffic policies designed to improve traffic flow,” the Japanese research laboratory, part ...

  • Article

    International Simulation Technology Conference, Stuttgart


    The University of Stuttgart will host SimTech 2011, an international conference on simulation technology, June 14 through 17. The focus will be on molecular simulations, multi-scale and multi-physics mechanics, numerical mathematics, interactive visualization and related issues. More than 150 scientists from Stuttgart will present their latest research. SimTech adopts a ...