German companies have a long way to go with the implementation of a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) strategy, according to a consultants’study.

The study found that two-thirds of German companies have adopted business-intelligence strategies and are using information gathered to gain competitive advantage. But only one in five is using its BI strategy as a binding regulatory framework.

The investigation was conducted by German strategy consultants Steria Mummert in cooperation with the FAZ Institute, a research organization associated with the FAZ newspaper.

“At the moment about 45 pc of companies are still in the planning and initial-implementation phase with their BI strategy,” said Steria Mummert expert Carsten Dittmar.

He said in a press statement that companies should adopt comprehensive BI strategies to make sure all management decisions are supported throughout the company. “The first step for a company-wide implementation of BI is the development of a masterplan,” he said.

Steria Mummert said bigger companies are farther advanced with their BI strategies than smaller companies. But the consultants found that BI has a high level of management acceptance across companies of all sizes.