German companies don’t have a strategy to implement green IT, according to a survey of managers at small and medium-sized enterprises.

Though 70 percent of managers interviewed said green IT is an important issue for them, few have taken steps to implement green-IT programs such as systems consolidation or virtualization.

“There’s a lot of talk about these issues, but little implementation,” said Uwe Kramer, chairman of the High-availability Forum, part of the Software Initiative Germany industry association. The forum conducted the survey, which is called “Prognosis 2011-green IT and consolidation in German small and medium-sized companies.”

Fifty-six percent of managers interviewed said that the absence of a clear green-IT strategy means one of the key preconditions for implementation is missing. “If there’s no plan, nothing can be implemented,” Kramer said.

Cost was not seen as a big obstacle. Only 26 percent of managers interviewed cited concern over the higher price of green-IT services. Few of the managers, moreover, were worried about complexity.

Green IT initiatives aim to reduce environmental and other costs associated with IT systems.

The software association interviewed 100 managers at German companies with between 100 and 500 employees and sales of less than 50 million euros.