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Germans want a cash incentive to buy an electric vehicle

Buyers want a cash incentive if they are to buy electric vehicles, according to a survey of 1,116 car drivers conducted in May.

The survey, which was carried out by German used-car portal Autoscout24, showed that Germans wouldn't buy an electric vehicle because of a government-promised 10 year dispensation from the country's annual road tax.

Nor are they very much interested in special electric-vehicle parking spots in cities or dedicated highway lanes.

According to the survey, 45 pc say they would need a 5,000 euro rebate - similar to what is offered in neighboring France - to consider buying an electric vehicle.

Only 7 pc of those polled would buy an electric vehicle without any government incentive. At the same time, 25 pc say they would never buy an electric vehicle, regardless of incentives provided.

The survey showed that, despite the obstacles, Germans believe in sustainable mobility. Almost 82 pc would like to buy a sustainable car, which was defined as a vehicle with very low emissions.

But the survey also made clear that most Germans aren't willing to spend more money on such a sustainable vehicle.

Said Autoscout 24 Managing Director Nikolas Deskovic: "Our studies shows people's deeply felt desire to continue to have affordable mobility with the car."