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373 US data centers will be closed by the end of 2012 (Photo: US government)

The US Administration, citing the need to save money and increase efficiency, said it will shut down 800 of its data centers by 2015.

The move, it says, will save taxpayers more than 3 billion dlrs.

The government said in a press release that the cut in the number of data centers it operates follows a quadrupling between 1998 and 2010.

It noted that, in the buildup, the government had not taken advantage of increases in efficiency that have already cut data centers in the private sector.

On average, government data centers have been using only 27 percent of their computer power even though taxpayers are footing the bill for the entire infrastructure, real estate and energy costs, the government said. The need for backup power supplies, environmental controls and pecial security devices mean that data centers can consume 200 times as much electricity as standard office spaces, it added.

In 2012, 178 data centers will be cut, in addition to 195 that are being shuttered this year. The total will come to 800 by 2015.