The US accounts for 60% of the global SaaS market (Graphic: PAC)

The US is the clear leader in the implementation of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, according to a report by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC).

The research shows that 60 pc of the worldwide SaaS market is in the US.

"The model was invented there, a very broad offering is already available there and there are no cultural barriers," PAC chief analyst Christophe Chalons said in a press release.

The US is followed by the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and France, but each of these countries represents a mere 3 pc-6 pc of the global market. The four largest developing markets, Brazil, Russia, India and China together represent just 2 pc of the market.

Chalons said fears of losing control, security concerns and lack of internet bandwidth are holding back SaaS growth in many countries.

Manufacturing and services account for the bulk of the global SaaS market, followed by banking and retail & wholesale. But PAC noted that business volume and growth rate varies sharply from one country to the next.

Chalons said small and mid-sized businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and retail industries, consider SaaS an interesting option.

Said the analyst: "It enables them to deploy solutions and automate processes in a flexible, easy-to-use and financially feasible manner."