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  • HaptX Inc - VR Gloves for Automotive Training

    HaptX Gloves Development Kit gives a VR helping hand


    Image: HaptX HaptX, a start-up with offices in Seattle and San Luis Obispo, California, has launched a Gloves Development Kit for advanced simulation with haptic feedback. The wired-up VR ‘gloves’ are said to deliver “realistic touch feedback” and “natural interaction”, suitable for applications in design and engineering, as well ...

  • audiVRtraining

    Audi wins Red Dot and German design awards for digital planning tool, implements Virtual Reality Software Development Kit and applications will be rolled out into wider VW Group


    Audi digital planning assistant recognised with Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award NewAudi SDK developed in partnership with Munich start-up Innoactive SDK to be integrated by the end of 2018 into wider Volkswagen Group VR platform, the Digital Reality Hub Audi has won a ...

  • mercedes app_scale

    Mercedes-Benz launches dealership VR, AR apps, continues digitalization of sales experience


    Customers can configure the new Mercedes A-Class on the Mercedes-Benz cAR app (Image: Mercedes-Benz) Prospective customers at Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Germany can now experience a car in real-time in different configurations: a drive or ride via virtual reality goggles is on offer as part of the sales experience. Those ...

  • Volvo.automotiveIT

    Volvo Cars tests Microsoft's Hololens technology


    Volvo sees many automotive possibilities for Microsoft's HoloLens technology (Photo: Volvo) Volvo Cars is working with Microsoft to jointly develop next-generation automotive technologies. The cooperation will look at autonomous driving technologies and the use of connected-car data. Volvo and Microsoft this week demonstrated how the use of Microsoft's HoloLens ...

  • rtt.automotiveIT

    RTT, Canon combine virtual-reality products


    3D imaging can help speed up design and engineering processes (Photo: RTT) RTT and Canon are joining forces to help companies speed up development times in the product design process. RTT, a Germany-based 3d software specialist, said it has agreed with Canon, a Japanese maker of digital imaging hardware ...

  • inreal.automotiveIT

    Introducing a new car model ”“ virtually


    Inreal uses cinemizer OLED glasses made by lens specialist Carl Zeiss (Photo: Carl Zeiss) Automakers mostly still believe customers need to touch and feel a car before buying it, but a new technology developed in Germany may give a big boost to virtual new car model presentations. Inreal Technologies, a ...

  • mercedes windtunnel.automotiveIT

    At Mercedes, windtunnels offer weather at the touch of a button


    Two new Mercedes windtunnels allow earlier testing of prototypes in extreme climatic conditions (Photo: Mercedes) Mercedes-Benz has inaugurated two new climatic wind tunnels that will enable the German premium carmaker to test new vehicles' performance in extreme weather conditions early in the development process. The wind tunnels, located at Mercedes' ...

  • frave.automotiveIT

    From Munich, a better and cheaper virtual reality technology


    Researchers can get into the FRAVE for a total-immersion experience (Photo: TUM) Researchers at the Technical University Munich (TUM) have developed a virtual reality system that is more flexible, costs less and doesn't take up as much space as previous technologies. The so-called Flexible Reconfigurable Cave (FRAVE) allows full immersion ...

  • vierfores.automotiveIT

    German govt extends virtual-reality research project


    A combination of virtual reality and airflow simulation allows scientists to see and optimize material flows in a factory The German government has extended by almost three years a research project that aims to improve security and reliability of technical equipment and processes. The project may help improve electric-vehicle battery ...

  • fujitsu virtual driving

    Fujitsu develops traffic simulator with greater scope


    Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a wide-area traffic simulation system that allows the reproduction of traffic flows involving tens of thousands of vehicles. “The new simulator makes it possible to verify in advance the effectiveness of a variety of traffic policies designed to improve traffic flow,” the Japanese research laboratory, part ...

  • VW's augmented reality

    VW uses virtual technology for service training


    For training purposes, digital projection can provide a virtual x-ray of a vehicle Volkswagen plans to use more virtual-reality technology to train its service technicians. The German automaker hopes its use of “augmented-reality” technology will better train technicians and help their understanding of the technical innovations it is building into ...