VW's augmented reality

For training purposes, digital projection can provide a virtual x-ray of a vehicle

Volkswagen plans to use more virtual-reality technology to train its service technicians.

The German automaker hopes its use of “augmented-reality” technology will better train technicians and help their understanding of the technical innovations it is building into new models.

VW’s augmented-reality technology projects computer-generated information onto a vehicle, giving the technician a virtual look under the hood.

Juergen Leohold, head of VW group r&d, said the technology allows for the projection of three-dimensional construction data onto a vehicle in such a way that all details are properly positioned and even the viewer’s perspective is accurate.

“It provides a kind of virtual x-ray that makes it possible to take a look at components and structures inside the vehicle that would normally be hidden,” Leohold said.

The technology also lets VW insert specific components, show parts numbers or project animated sequences onto the vehicle

VW also plans to use augmented reality in vehicle development, prodution planning and marketing.