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  • Audi virtual showroom.automotiveIT

    Audi virtual London showroom is first of many worldwide


    Audi buyers can digitally inspect the brand’s entire lineup in a new virtual showroom in London (Photo: Audi) Audi inaugurated a virtual showroom in downtown London and promised to open more than 20 similar outlets worldwide by 2015. The so-called Audi City concept lets Audi show and sell cars in ...

  • PlayStation Ford showroom.automotiveIT

    US PlayStation now features a virtual Ford showroom


    Ford’s showroom on PlayStation is designed to educate and entertain (Photo: Ford) Ford, claiming a first, has built a virtual showroom for users of Sony's Playstation videogame console. The US carmaker said North American PlayStation users can now visit the showroom and virtually inspect the Ford Fiesta and Ford Edge ...