Zurich Financial Services Group says the use of telematics can reduce motor-fleet crashes by 30 percent.

The Swiss insurance services provider said telematics technology, coupled with driver development programs, will help improve safety, lower operating costs and reduce vehicles’ negative impact on the environment.

In a report titled “Insights: Telematics and Fleet Risk Management,"Zurich said the use of data gathered by fleet managers can reduce collision risk, improve productivity and fleet performance and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

“Typically, companies could save up to 11 percent on fuel consumption and 10 percent on operational costs,” Zurich said in a press statement.

Robert Gremli, Zurich’s chief risk engineering officer, said: “The combination of technology and a sustained program of working with drivers to reduce crash risks should be at the heart of any fleet management program.”

And he added, in the press statement that “used effectively, telematics can help save lives on the roads, reduce costs and improve the working environment for drivers.”

A copy of the Risk Insights report can be obtained here.