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    Twelve important things we learned from Automobility 2018 in Los Angeles


    The top trends to emerge for automotive and mobility technology from a key conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show

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    Battery & Energy Storage 2017 - Warwick, UK


    The conference will be held at Warwick University's Slate conference center (Photo: Warwick University) Regulators, energy-industry executives, automotive specialists and academics will discuss battery technology and energy requirements for the electric-vehicle revolution at a conference to be held at Britain's Warwick University Campus November 28-29. The event, hosted by ...

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    In China, GM sees growing market for electric vehicles


    GM's Lauckner says EVs need to become cheaper and easier to recharge (Photo: GM) General Motors sees a growing market for electric vehicles in China and is stepping up its local EV development activities. "Electrified vehicles will play a critical role in efforts to conserve and ultimately displace petroleum ...

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    China's Wanxiang plans controversial A123 investment


    A123 makes lithium-ion batteries for passenger cars as well as other battery storage devices (Photo: A123) China's Wanxiang plans to invest up to 450 million dlrs in A123, providing a financial lifeline to the embattled US battery maker. Under the terms of a non-binding memorandum of understanding between the two ...

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    Merkel wants German leadership in electro-mobility


    Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to see 6 million electric vehicles in Germany by 2030 Chancellor Angela Merkel called on German industry and politics to grab the global lead in in electric mobility. In a video podcast over the weekend, Merkel said: "We want Germany to be the ...

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    LG Chem CEO: EV battery with triple range by 2014


    The Chevy Volt has a lithium-ion battery that uses LG Chem technology (Photo:GM) The CEO of chemicals group LG Chem expects a second generation of batteries to give electric vehicle three times the range they have at present. The batteries will be in production vehicles by 2014-2015, he predicted. In ...

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    German researchers make progress with battery technology


    Single-walled carbon nanotubes improve electric connectivity The Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT) is developing batteries that have five times the storage capacity of current lithium-ion batteries. The German researchers in KIT’s Institute for Nanotechnology are developing a new synthesis of iron-carbon storage materials that could significantly boost battery performance. Traditional ...