Digital transformation may be high on the agenda of just about every company, but few have made the organizational changes needed to effectively execute the required processes.

That is one of the outcomes of a survey by Germany’s high-tech association, Bitkom, which found that two-thirds of companies polled admitted that they have not yet created a dedicated division tasked with implementing digital change.

“Digitalization means in first instance the development of new business models,” Bitkom President Achim Berg said in a press release. “Companies shouldn’t try to do this by the side, but should make available the necessary personnel and financial resources.”

Berg added that the implementation of a company-wide digital strategy should not be left to the business divisions alone.

Bitkom found that few companies have appointed a chief strategist for digitalization. Only one in 10 companies have a chief digital officer or a head of digitalization.

Bigger companies - those with 5oo or more staff - were found to be more attuned to the need for organizational change. Among these companies, 44 percent had someone in charge of digitalization, while the percentage was 24 for companies with between 100 and 500 staff.

Only 6 percent of small companies with up to 100 staff had a designated digitalization chief, Bitkom found.