Top 10 auto brands on Instagram 2018

Our snapshot graphic shows the number of hashtag mentions that each car brand gets, not the following for individual official Instagram accounts. This gives a better understanding of the reach of the brand among Instagram's 1 billion users worldwide.

On this score BMW can readily claim to be the biggest auto brand on the social media site with 33 million hashtags mentions. BMW's official account has 15 million followers; Munich's marketers are clearly a digital savvy bunch.  

So BMW having the largest brand presence is perhaps not surprising, but what explains Honda at No 2 – all those cool branding ads in the 90s and 00s still having an effect perhaps, Tokyo drifts? In truth, it’s more likely the appeal of its super-bikes driving the result this high. 

The presence of Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini in the top ten shows that size isn’t everything, and aspiration forms a huge part of a brand's Instagram appeal. A tiny fraction of the 15 million people using hashtag Ferrari are ever likely to own one, but that doesn’t dampen the Maranello focused activity on Instagram. The same is true of Porsche and Lamborghini.

Mini, Jaguar, Tesla and SEAT suffer from brand names that are used as hashtags for posts unrelated, making it harder to measure their reach. The same potentially could be said for Mercedes but #mercedesbenz still delivers nearly 8 million hits, so Daimler can relax. They just have some way to go to catch their Bavarian rivals in the digital marketing mix. 

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