Image: Bosch

Bosch is implementing augmented reality (AR) in technical service training at its 31 support workshops worldwide. Courses developed at its training center in Plochingen, near Stuttgart, will be offered to 3500 global employees to update them on technical developments in vehicle servicing and repair.

These accredited courses, to be demonstrated during the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt next month, include a transparent look at high-voltage engines, the functions and features of high-voltage systems, and trouble-shooting strategies for hybrid and electric vehicles. They are intended to familiarize technicians with electric vehicle components and their functionality.

Additional information, which may include explanations, 3D diagrams or videos, is overlaid on the ‘real’ image of, for example, an engine compartment via a smartphone, tablet camera or smart glasses. It can show details such as structures hidden by panels, or a cable harness behind a dashboard. The information is compiled and published via Bosch’s augmented reality content platform (CAP), which allows for different training scenarios and methods, such as control of the participants’ devices by a trainer giving advice [pictured].

The first training programmes using AR will start in autumn/winter 2018 at Plochingen and Bosch’s facility in Ballerup, Denmark, to support technicians working on hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles. Further training using AR will next be developed for technicians on calibration of driver assistance systems.

-Farah Alkhalisi