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    Survey: German BI market set to grow strongly


    US-based SAS is Germany's biggest seller of BI software (Photo: BI) MUNICH - The German market for business intelligence software is set to grow sharply this year, as small and mid-sized companies continue to invest in products that can help make them more efficient. According to a survey of ...

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    Few German companies have a business-intelligence plan - Raad Research


    Businesses take business intelligence seriously but most don’t have a strategy for it (Photo: Wikimedia/Kingfish) German companies have a strong interest in business intelligence, but few have a well-thought-out plan for using the accumulated knowledge and information available within their enterprises. A poll of more than 300 executives in German ...

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    Study: The case for stronger business intelligence strategies


    German companies have a long way to go with the implementation of a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) strategy, according to a consultants’study. The study found that two-thirds of German companies have adopted business-intelligence strategies and are using information gathered to gain competitive advantage. But only one in five is using ...