Continental and HPE say their blockchain-based platform provides new opportunities for vehicle data monetization (Photo: Continental)

Continental and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have developed a vehicle data sharing platform that will enable new digital services in the areas of driver safety and convenience.

The two companies, which unveiled the platform at the MWC Barcelona mobile industry show, said the platform uses blockchain technology to assure that data is shared in a secure and transparent manner. That will allow car manufacturers to monetize data, while keeping brands distinct and separate.

“We are sure that our platform cuts the Gordian knot of data sharing and data privacy,” Continental board member Helmut Matschi said in a press statement. Continental is one of the world’s top 5 automotive suppliers.

Phil Davis, president Hybrid IT at HPE, said drivers and car manufacturers using the platform will have full control over all vehicle data.

“Sharing vehicle data cross vendors can solve some of the toughest traffic problems and improve driver experience by leveraging the power of swarm intelligence,” the technology group executive said.

Data sharing is seen as crucial as vehicles become more connected and eventually drive themselves. In such a scenario, cars from different brands need to communicate and share data to handle traffic hazards and find the best travel routes.

Using blockchain’s distributed ledger technology, the new platform allows car manufacturers to continue storing data in their own data centers, while sharing specific data sets with each other.

This approach allows users of the platform continued data sovereignty, while also providing an efficient and secure way to monetize vehicle data, the two companies said.