Continental’s Eigler: “Everything is about IT”

BERLIN — Continental sees strong potential in the ability to enhance its product offering with the help of new technologies. The automotive supplier also has made a strong commitment to implementing these technologies.

“We can only solve new problems with new technologies,” Continental Group CIO Christian Eigler said.

He cited the business potential of digital technologies. “We want to enrich products with data so we can build new business models,” he told the automotiveIT Congress here.

Eigler said IT teams are working closely with Continental’s business departments. “We, of course, are making a substantial contribution to new products,” he said. “At the moment, just about everything is IT.”

Changing the corporate business culture is key for a successful digitalization drive, the Continental CIO said. In this context, he cited diversity, flexibility, leadership and life-long learning as crucial.

Eigler said that merely introducing new programs is not helpful when these are not accepted throughout the company. Said the Continental CIO: “A fool with a new tool is just a fool.”