(Photo: SEC)

Volkswagen Group, working with three Israeli experts, has founded an automotive cyber security company.

The move is a long-term investment in cyber security “to make vehicles and their ecosystem more secure,” the VW brand’s head of electrical and electronic development, Volkmar Tanneberger, said in a press statement.

VW is establishing the company, which will have headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, as well as in Wolfsburg, together with cyber security experts Yuval Diskin, Tsafrir Kats and Tamir Bechor.

Cyber security has been a growing concern as connected cars provide more avenues for criminals to attack automotive systems. Scientists have already shown they can access car systems under certain conditions, while, most recently, keyless entry systems have proven themselves to be susceptible to hacking attacks.

Polls show that consumers are worried about the security aspects of car connectivity, forcing automakers to act more decisively to allay those fears.

“To enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the next decade, we need to expand our know-how in cyber security in order to systematically advance vehicle cyber security for our customers,” Tanneberger said.

The new company, Cymotive Technologies, will employ a team of experts headed by Diskin, a former head of the Israeli security services.