Image: Denso

Denso Corporation has taken a 2pc equity stake in eSOL Co., a fellow Japanese firm developing real-time embedded software solutions which could be applied for automated driving. The two firms have already been working together (along with NEC Communications Systems) since 2016 in a joint venture called Aubass Co., developing software for high-speed data communication, security and microcomputing for automated driving.

eSOL is also a partner in the AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) consortium which is working to standardize automotive software platforms. It is a small firm based in Tokyo with less than 400 employees (Denso has some 170,000 worldwide) and describes its business as involving research and development, manufacturing, selling software and hardware, dispatching engineers, and consultancy services – although it is no young start-up, having been founded in 1975.

Denso and eSOL are to work together on rapid software development, and to create next-generation electronic platforms. They will operate a personnel exchange and arrange technology advisors.

-Farah Alkhalisi