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    Deutsche Telekom chief casts wary eye on Google


    Hoettges sees the balance between infrastructure and service providers disappearing (Photo: Telekom) Deutsche Telekom's CEO doesn't fear Google, but he closely watches any moves the California-based internet giant makes in the traditional telecommunications space. "I'm not afraid of Google; I take Google seriously," Tim Hoettges told Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung ...

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    Germany's Telekom to invest more in tech innovation


    Telekom is expanding its venture capital operations to look for new business opportunities (Photo: Deutsche Telekom) Deutsche Telekom plans to invest an additional 500 million euros in venture capital and new technologies in an effort to explore new business opportunities outside its core area of activities. The German telecommunications ...

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    50,000 German BMW employees get Telekom sim cards


    More than 50,000 German BMW employees will get Deutsche Telekom sim cards for their business-related mobile communications, the German telecommunications group said. The two companies signed an agreement that runs through the end of 2019 and plan to expand the cooperation to other countries. Telekom said it will integrate the ...

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    Mueller takes over as CIO at Deutsche Telekom


    Markus Mueller (Photo: Deutsche Telekom) Markus Mueller has been appointed chief information officer of Deutsche Telekom and head of its new Telekom IT division. The German telecommunications group decided in December to merge the IT departments of all of its business units into one division in an effort to improve ...

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    Britain's Autotxt develops more telematics solution with Deutsche Telekom


    Autotxt is building more smartphone applications (Photo: Autotxt) Britain's Autotext is working to extend its telematics services, using Deutsche Telekom's machine-to-machine products and the German group's mobile radio communications network. Autotext specializes in anti-theft protection solutions and has locations in Britain, Germany and China. The company said in a press ...

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    Detecon consultants: Retail needs upgraded CRM systems


    Car retailers need to quickly change their customer relationship management (CRM) systems to deal with the big changes taking place in the auto industry. According to a study by Germany’s Detecon Consulting, car buyers perceive traditional combustion-engine technology as outdated, but they don’t know enough yet about new technologies. For ...