Mercedes-Benz wants to become your digital one and only

Ask Mercedes AR

Sabine Scheunert and her digitalONE team for sales and marketing IT are expanding customer touchpoints through apps and digital features, including vehicle-connected services through Mercedes me and new mobility services – all of it supported by an open architecture, artificial intelligence and cloud capabilities. 

Most established vehicle brands share a common challenge in adapting legacy, back-end IT systems and hardware to the capabilities of today’s software. While interfaces and workarounds are common, systems that are decades old reach limits in flexibility, speed or user experience. And not all automotive IT departments have the resources or agility to respond quickly to problems, let alone to new demands and applications like those posed by artificial intelligence.

This hurdle can be particularly high for customer-facing apps, such as those in which users configure vehicles before purchase, or connect to media, access digital features and other car-based services.

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