Image: BMW

BMW Group has signed up KPIT and TTTech as software partners in its autonomous driving programme. The collaboration will involve the development of a scalable autonomous driving platform and functions at autonomous driving Levels 3 and 4/5 (Highway Pilot and Urban Pilot).

KPIT is a global cross-industry consultancy with its headquarters in Pune, India. TTTech, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, specializes in networked safety controls and its TTTech Auto division focuses on autonomous driving platforms; its MotionWise safety software platform is in series production and it has extensive experience in automated driving programs with other automakers, including Audi, with whom it co-developed the ADAS platform for the Prologue Piloted Driving demonstrator (2015).

The two partners will help to roll out BMW’s autonomous driving software stack to third parties, integrate with other OEMs, develop a global ecosystem and offer scalable solutions to other automotive industry stakeholders.

Elmar Frickenstein, senior vice president for fully automated driving and driver assistance, BMW AG, said in a statement earlier this year, when the relationship with TTTech Auto was confirmed: “As we develop a modular, non-exclusive platform for autonomous driving, TTTech Auto’s expertise in functional and software safety and security is extremely valuable. Together, we are determined to bring safe Level 3 automated driving to the market in 2021.”

Stefan Poledna, TTTech Auto board member, added: “We are very proud that we will be able to contribute with our software and safety knowhow to BMW’s automated driving program that is open for partners. Our engineering team is excited to be working with BMW and its partners to bring this highly advanced driving project safely on the road.”

The project will be based at the newly-established BMW Group Autononous Driving Campus in Unterschleißheim, near Munich.