Image: Borgward Group

The Borgward Group – reviving a historic German brand-name under Chinese ownership – has announced a US headquarters and a research and development center in Sunnyvale, California. This is in advance of the brand’s sales launch in North America in 2021.

Borgward has further presented a prototype AI-driven safety and reliability platform for autonomous vehicles. This leverages artificial intelligence to predict risky driver behaviors, and integrates the learnings back into product development. Three features from this – risky behavior identification and labelling, marking of high-risk physical areas, and automatic horn-honking to warn other road-users – are to be incorporated into Borgward production cars within three years, the company says. The platform will also be offered to other OEMs.

Dr Zhou ‘Joe’ Xing, director of artificial intelligence for autonomous driving, Borgward Group, said in a statement: “No autonomous automaker has been able to deliver a safe and reliable product. This is in part because the industry’s reliance on real road testing cannot generate enough data to predict human error or other risks at a rate sufficient enough to ensure a reliable response.

“Our AI platform aims to solve this problem, not just for Borgward’s products, but for the AD [autonomous driving] industry so that all communities can benefit from safe self-driving cars.”

-Farah Alkhalisi