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  • bosch ces 16 showcar

    CES: Bosch to offer aftermarket eCall


    Bosch's CES show car demonstrates a new HMI dimension (Photo: Bosch) LAS VEGAS -- Robert Bosch will offer an eCall emergency warning system that can be retrofitted. The supplier's eCall automatic emergency notification system, launched in 2012, had previously only been available as standard equipment on new vehicles. Bosch's ...

  • eCall.automotiveIT

    EU's eCall introduction sets stage for aftermarket battle


    eCall opens battle between public and private systems (Photo: iStockphoto/Neil Kendall, Illustration: Sabina Vogel) Following a European Union decision earlier this year that all new cars must soon have an emergency calling system, a competitive battle is shaping up between private and public offerings. The European Parliament in April ...

  • eCall.automotiveIT

    European Parliament approves eCall for 2018


    Automakers have 3 years to meet EU eCall requirements for new cars (Photo: ADAC) The European Parliament, in the final step in Europe's legislative process, approved the mandatory introduction of eCall from the spring of 2018. The legislation means that from March 2018 new passenger cars and light vans ...

  • ecall.automotiveIT

    EU Commission moves to adopt eCall emergency system by 2015


    Europe moved one step closer Thursday to an automated emergency calling system for all cars with the adoption by the European Commission of two pieces of legislation to turn the plan into reality. The executive body of the 27-nation European Union adopted a regulation outlining the type-approval requirements needed for ...

  • eu kroes 2012.automotiveIT

    2015 still target for eCall in European new cars - Kroes


    Kroes says IT solutions for traffic and infrastructure are already available but need to be deployed (Photo: EU) The European Commission still targets 2015 as the date to equip all new cars sold across its 27 member states with the eCall emergency warning system. "Our goal is for this ...

  • OnStarFMV.automotiveIT

    Paris auto show: OnStar also part of GM-PSA talks


    In early 2012, GM released an aftermarket version of OnStar available to non-GM vehicle owners in the US (Photo: OnStar) Paris - The possible sharing of General Motors' OnStar technology is part of the broader collaboration talks between the US automaker and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen, a senior PSA executive said Friday. ...

  • ecall adac.AUTOMOTIVEit

    Mercedes starts eCall rollout June 1


    eCall is designed to provide faster and more targeted emergency assistance (Photo: ADAC) Mercedes-Benz will start equipping new models with an eCALL-conform emergency warning system from June 1. The German premium car maker, a member of the Daimler Group, said new Mercedes models such as the new B-Class, C-Class, E-Class ...

  • ecall adac.automotiveIT

    TELEMATICS UPDATE: No role for smartphones in Europe's eCall


    eCall emergency calls need to reach call centers without delay (Photo: EU, ADAC) MUNICH --Smartphone integration may be one of the hottest issues in automotive infotainment, but the ubiquitous end-user device will not play a role in Europe's eCall initiative. The EU Commission wants the Europe-wide emergency calling system to ...

  • ecall adac.automotiveIT

    Deutsche Telekom ready for eCall


    eCall emergency calls need to reach call centers without delay (Photo: EU, ADAC) Deutsche Telekom is ready for eCall, executives of the German telecommunications group say. ECall, an automatic in-car emergency calling system, is likely to become mandatory on new cars in Europe by 2015. The EU Commission has stepped ...

  • neelie kroes.automotiveIT

    Kroes to industry, member states: eCall is coming, so get to work!


    EU Commissioner Kroes says eCall is a high priority (Photo: EU Commission) The European Commission is stepping up the pressure on member countries to introduce eCall, an in-car emergency calling system that it wants to make mandatory by 2015. Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner in charge of the 27-nation bloc's digital ...

  • Article

    ABI Research: Automotive telematics to soar by 2016


    Automotive telematics is likely to make a quantum leap in the next five years, according to ABI Research. But the North American market researcher also warns that considerable risks to the forecast remain. ABI Research expects the percentage of new cars shipping with factory-installed telematics to grow to 62 percent ...

  • eCall

    Successful eCall field trial ends


    A two-week trial of Europe’s planned eCall mobile emergency warning system ended successfully this week, with three test cars transmitting 15,000 calls across sixteen EU member states. One of the goals of the test was to see whether the technology can function across borders, regardless of the mobile-connection technologies used ...