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  • oliver wyman.automotiveIT

    Study: AI can boost car-sales profitability by at least 15 percent


    Average per-vehicle profitability varies from country to country in Europe (Image: Oliver Wyman) A new study says the use of artificial intelligence can improve car-sales planning and boost per-vehicle profitability by between 15 and 20 pc. In the report, titled “Supercharging car sales planning with AI,” ...

  • toyota-connected-logo

    Toyota launches Toyota Connected Europe (TCEU) in London


    Toyota is launching a London-based business unit to support the development and adoption of new shared mobility and fleet management solutions in Europe. Toyota Connected Europe (TCEU) is to partner with Toyota Motor Europe, Toyota retailers and distributors on services and products for consumers, businesses, governments and other stakeholders. These ...

  • ford.automotiveIT

    Ford Europe appoints smart mobility director


    Sarah-Jayne Williams will work out of Ford's Smart Mobility Innovation Office in London (Photo: Ford Motor) Ford of Europe has recruited Bearing Point consultant Sarah-Jayne Williams to take charge of the carmaker's efforts in Europe to broaden its business into mobility services and other new ventures. Williams will report ...

  • mazda.automotiveIT

    Tanaka to head Mazda's European R&D center


    Tanaka has worked at Mazda for more than 30 years (Photo: Mazda) Matsuhiro Tanaka has taken over from Kenichiro Saruwatari as head of Mazda's European R&D center in Oberursel, outside Frankfurt. The 55-year-old engineer has worked at the Japanese carmaker since 1984, most recently in vehicle development and testing. ...

  • google.automotiveIT

    Google is preferred employer for European graduates


    Google and other high-tech companies are popular  with graduates (Photo: Google) Google is the preferred employer for graduates of European universities' engineering and IT departments as well as its business schools, according to a new survey. Apple comes second in the rankings for business school graduates and Volkswagen ...

  • Tina_Mueller.Opel.automotiveIT

    “You can forget everything that you’ve done to this point”


    Opel's Tina Mueller is striving to improve the carmaker's brand image With deliveries rising in the second quarter and General Motors Europe and its core Opel brand posting its first quarterly pretax profit since 2011, the US carmaker hopes to continue the upward trend in  Europe for the ...

  • mckinsey.automotiveIT

    McKinsey study: Europe's slow digitization leaves money on the table


    Europe's degree of digitization lacks behind the US (Photo: EU) European consumers are heavily invested in digital technologies, but the continent is far removed from realizing the full potential of digitization. That is one of the conclusions from a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute, a think tank ...

  • nissan.automotiveIT

    Nissan joins European EV charging project


    The Nissan Leaf was the first mass-market EV. It was launched in 2010Â (Photo: Nissan) Nissan has joined a European Union-backed project to install more charging stations for electric vehicles in Germany and Belgium. The so-called Fast-E program envisions 241 additional charging stations in Germany and 37 in Belgium ...

  • emissions.automotiveIT

    Automakers: New emissions test regime needed


    (Photo: Ruben de Rijcke Automakers conceded that laboratory tests of exhaust emissions don't accurately reflect real driving conditions and called for the adoption of a new test regime. Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and the UK Department for Transport last week released reports showing that emissions from ...

  • vw.automotiveIT

    Volkswagen CEO: Europe should lead in new mobility


    VW's Mueller talks to reporters at the Detroit auto show (Photo: VW) Europe should take the lead in developing new mobility and "not leave the playing field to Silicon Valley," Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller said. In a speech at the New Year's reception of the European auto industry ...

  • eCall.automotiveIT

    EU's eCall introduction sets stage for aftermarket battle


    eCall opens battle between public and private systems (Photo: iStockphoto/Neil Kendall, Illustration: Sabina Vogel) Following a European Union decision earlier this year that all new cars must soon have an emergency calling system, a competitive battle is shaping up between private and public offerings. The European Parliament in April ...

  • ford.automotiveIT

    At Ford, autonomous driving moves to next stage


    Ford's autonomous vehicle project is part of the company's Smart Mobility Program (Photo: Ford) Ford Motor appointed a director of autonomous vehicle development and said it is moving ahead with its driverless-car project. The US automaker said 29-year Ford veteran Randy Visintainer will lead a global team to work ...

  • eCall.automotiveIT

    European Parliament approves eCall for 2018


    Automakers have 3 years to meet EU eCall requirements for new cars (Photo: ADAC) The European Parliament, in the final step in Europe's legislative process, approved the mandatory introduction of eCall from the spring of 2018. The legislation means that from March 2018 new passenger cars and light vans ...


    EU formally accuses Google of abusing strong market position


    EU Commissioner Vestager moves to counter possible "anticompetitive constraints" (Photo: EU) The European Commission sent a so-called "Statement of Objections" to Google, alleging that the technology company has abused its dominant market position in internet searches. The executive arm of the 28-nation bloc has also formally opened an antitrust ...

  • apple.automotiveIT

    Apple will build 2 data centers in Europe


    (Photo: Apple) Apple will build two data centers in Europe, spending 1.7 billion euros to construct and operate the facilities, which will be located in Ireland and Denmark. The US based consumer technology group said the centers will provide the European backend for online services that include the company's ...

  • ihs.automotiveIT

    Global 2015 car sales forecast to rise 2.4 pc


    Car sales will rise in 2015, but the global picture will be mixed (Photo: Emil Frey) Global car sales are set to rise 2.4 pc to 88.3 million units, despite widespread geopolitical and economic uncertainties in many parts of the world, a leading market forecaster said this week. It ...

  • hilmar dunker.automotiveIT

    Point of view: Whose data?


    Hilmar Dunker is editor-in-chief of automotiveIT and carIT magazine As connected cars start generating more and more data, one important and central question is: Who owns these data? It's a legitimate question and. so far, no one has come up with a truly satisfactory answer. Experts warn that, from ...

  • neumann.opel.automotiveIT

    Opel to be GM's main European brand; Chevrolet out


    With Chevrolet gone from Europe, Opel CEO Neumann has a better chance to restore profitability (Photo: GM) General Motors will no longer market most of its Chevrolet-branded cars in Europe, providing Opel and its sister brand Vauxhall with a more clearly defined opportunity to restore profitability. The US automaker ...

  • ecall.automotiveIT

    EU Commission moves to adopt eCall emergency system by 2015


    Europe moved one step closer Thursday to an automated emergency calling system for all cars with the adoption by the European Commission of two pieces of legislation to turn the plan into reality. The executive body of the 27-nation European Union adopted a regulation outlining the type-approval requirements needed for ...

  • neelie kroes.automotiveIT

    Kroes: Internet of things requires 1 European telecoms market


    Kroes will propose legislation for a common EU telecoms market (Photo: EU) Europe needs an integrated telecommunications market as machine-to-machine connectivity takes on growing importance, EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes said Thursday. Kroes, who is in charge of Europe's digital agenda, said in a speech to the 11th European Business ...