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    EU's Kroes: NSA revelations are opportunity for Europe


    EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Photo: EU Commission) Recent revelations that US agencies are engaged in widespread international surveillance are an opportunity for Europe, Neelie Kroes said this week. "The NSA revelations are a big let-down for American companies, undermining their competitive position," said Kroes, referring to international online spying ...

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    New travel apps for Europe planned


    Europe wants to make transport more intelligent (Photo: Ertico) A European-Union sponsored project will provide travelers with a new set of smartphone apps to make traveling within the 27-nation bloc easier. The Mobinet service platform will offer online access to new types of mobile services such as real-time multimodal ...

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    Europe approves unified patent


    The European Parliament has approved legislation that will establish one patent for 25 of the 27 European Union member states. The move, which comes after more than 30 years of internal discussions, will cut the cost of an EU patent by up to 80 pc, the parliament said in a ...

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    12 European carmakers move closer to implementing car-2-car communication


    European manufacturers want functioning car connectivity by 2015 Twelve carmakers have agreed to step up cooperation to bring car-to-car communication to European roads through the use of a common deployment strategy. The 12 car companies, which cooperate in the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium, said in a press release ...

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    European companies, governments test cyber security


    Digital security experts across Europe are testing their readiness to combat cyber attacks Friday, as the European Union launches Cyber Europe 2012. The exercise includes 400 experts from major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, internet service providers and local and national governments. They will test responses to more than 1,200 separate ...

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    Kroes to industry, member states: eCall is coming, so get to work!


    EU Commissioner Kroes says eCall is a high priority (Photo: EU Commission) The European Commission is stepping up the pressure on member countries to introduce eCall, an in-car emergency calling system that it wants to make mandatory by 2015. Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner in charge of the 27-nation bloc's digital ...

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    Hamburg university coordinates regional EV infrastructure


    Countries bordering the North Sea are looking to coordinate electric-vehicle infrastructure plans Hamburg's University of Applied Sciences (HAW) is coordinating a European Union project aimed at developing an electric-vehicle infrastructure that extends beyond major metropolitan areas. The project, called the North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network, will look at climate ...

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    VW shows how to drive 130 km/h with no hands on the wheel


    VW’s automatic pilot can perform all functions, but a human driver can take over any time (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has developed technology that allows hands-free driving at speeds of 130 kilometers/hour. The German carmaker, which showed the technology in final presentations for a European research project, said it represents a ...

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    New European research project aims at boosting EV efficiency


    Bosch says worries over driving range are a big concern for electric vehicle buyers (Photo: Bosch) A group of automotive companies including Robert Bosch and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen hopes to find ways to expand the driving range of electric vehicles without increasing battery size. The European Union sponsored "OpEneR" project, which stands ...

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    BMW, VW show how to avoid accidents at intersections


    BMW’s left-turn assistant warns a driver of danger when making a turn A group of 11carmakers, suppliers and research institutes has been working on new technologies that improve safety at intersections. One project effectively lets a driver look around the corner. Another prevents accidents from occurring when a car turns ...

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    EU's Kroes: "Let's aim high" with European cloud strategy


    EU Commissioner Kroes hopes EU strategies will help define global standards in cloud computing Neelie Kroes urged Europe's IT industry last week to "aim high" and help Brussels forge a truly European Cloud computing strategy. The European commissioner in charge of Europe's digital agenda said data protection, interoperability and standardization ...

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    Europarliament approves CO2 limits for vans


    With battery-powered vans such as this Mercedes Vito E-Cell, automakers will try to lower average fleet CO2 emissions The European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 limits for vans and other light commercial vehicles, in a move aimed at bringing the sector in line with Europe-wide legislation covering the passenger-car industry ...

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    Logistics companies have trouble with new European import law


    A BLG, Germany, storage facility (Photo: Tag der Logistik 2010) Logistics companies are slow in implementing systems to comply with Europe’s new Import Control System (ICS), according to a consultants ”˜study. Market analysis conducted by German consultants Nielsen+Partner showed that many transportation companies have not adapted their logistics processes to ...

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    1st combined test of vehicle “platooning” successful


    Development teams have carried out the first combined test of “vehicle platooning,” a European-Union sponsored program aimed at changing the way cars and trucks use Europe’s roads. The test was carried out on the Volvo proving ground near Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the SARTRE project. "This is a major ...