Agile software house Qt announces extension of partnership with LG to include in- vehicle entertainment systems.


Juhapekka Niemi, executive vice president, sales at Qt.   
It comes as the in-vehicle information (IVI) market looks set to boom. Vehicles are become more connected and buyers increasingly look for digital entertainment features when purchasing.
OEMs are equipping entry level model with multi-screen options for entertainment and other controls. LED technology is replacing conventional dashboard instruments and switches across the board. 
“OEMs want an integrated HMI platform to cover all system domains inside the vehicle.” said Juneun Park, vice president of LG’s Vehicle Component Solutions Company. LG will use Qt’s software tools to build its next-generation premium IVI systems, says the company.
Qt claims its tools reduce time needed for iterations between mock-ups and prototypes. Software assets and features are reusable across multiple development projects.“We look forward to future collaboration with LG Electronics in the automotive industry”. said Juhapekka Niemi, executive vice president, sales at Qt.
The Qt Group has its HQ in Helsinki, Finland, and employs some 300 people.