Jim Hackett, CEO Ford

Ford CEO, Jim Hackett, hit back at investors today who criticise the lack of pace and detail in Ford's $11 billion restructuring programme.

Bolstered by third quarter earnings that were better than expectations, he used the earnings call to go on the offensive, outlining the magnitude of turning round the Detroit giant.

"If you read hesitancy from me, it's not that we don't know where we're going or don't know how to do it, it's that there's a massive undertaking that we have to have very thoughtfully orchestrated. Because my experience in doing this, the worst thing we could do is disrupt our business and we aren't going to do that." he told reporters and analysts.

"We are making great progress on the product portfolio and I can't emphasise that enough. Ford will share more details on its progress on autonomous vehicles, its strategic partnership, and its restructuring efforts in the coming weeks and months." he added.

The company also launched a new ad campaign created by agency Wieden + Kennedy under the tag "Built Ford Proud" which takes some less than subtle digs at Tesla and the company's Silicon Valley rivals.