Intel bought McAfee in 2010 (Photo: Intel)

Intel is talking to banking advisers about possibly selling its antivirus software division, according to a report in Britain's Financial Times newspaper.

According to the FT, no decision has been made. The California-based technology group declined to comment.

Intel, which for decades depended on growing sales of personal computers, has suffered from the continuing decline of this market in recent years.

It is now trying to reorganize and refocus the company, concentrating more on cloud computing, Internet-of-Things technologies and semiconductors powering large data centers.

As part of its restructuring, Intel announced earlier this year that it plans to lay off 12,000 people.

The chipmaker's security business is built around the 2010 acquisition of antivirus software specialist McAfee.

According to the FT, Intel had hoped to include McAfee's cybersecurity functionality in its chips, but, after six years, still hasn't succeeded in doing so.