Alliance combines J.D. Power’s consumer research, data analytics and advisory capabilities with’s technology for capturing customer insights from social media and review sites.

The companies claim new alliance will create a unified customer experience data solution for auto enterprises around the world. J.D. Power will provide its data and analytics expertise and applies machine learning and natural language processing to the cloud of unstructured text on social media and review sites.

“Managing a brand’s online reputation—and balancing it with other sources of feedback—has never been more important. We can advise clients on their online reputation and how that plays into their overall customer satisfaction related to J.D. Power benchmarks and customer research. Top companies want to differentiate themselves on customer experience, and that means taking a holistic look at all forms of customer feedback.” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Officer at J.D. Power (pictured).

J.D. Power has captured and analyzed the Voice of the Customer across more than a dozen industries globally for 50 years. Through its proprietary index model, the company identifies the many drivers of customer experience, accurately measures and links their effect to business results, and uncovers insights to drive results for clients.

“J.D. Power has perfected its data analytics and consumer insight capabilities and is the established global leader across a range of major industry verticals,” said Joe Fuca, Chief Executive Officer at

“Combining this data analytics expertise with our insights from the social web creates a powerful and comprehensive solution that will benefit both organizations’ customers around the world.”