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    Study: IT graduates want to work for premium car brands


    Google is the most interesting employer for German IT graduates (Photo: Google) BMW, Audi, Daimler and Porsche are the the car companies that IT graduates would most like to work for, according to a new survey. But the trendence Graduate Barometer 2017 found that Google tops all other companies ...


    German companies look abroad for digital talent


    (Illustration: Bitkom) German companies are increasingly looking across their country's borders for experts that can help them implement new digital technologies. According to a survey by Germany's high-tech association Bitkom, about three-quarters of companies are looking to recruit foreign staff with digital skills. Every second company hopes to gain ...

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    German IT industry sees further job growth


    IT jobs are growing but communication industry positions declined in Germany (Photo: Topslash/Wikimedia) German IT companies employed more people in 2011 and that trend is set to continue this year. In 2011, the information and communication industry boosted jobs by 18,000 to 866,000, said BITKOM, the country's IT industry association. ...

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    1,500 software engineers wanted at Germany's Continental


    Continental expects the connected car to generate additional programming demands (Photo: Continental) Continental is looking to add about 1,500 new software developers to its global workforce in a bid to stay competitive with products that rely ever more on sophisticated IT components. The German automotive supplier group, one of the ...

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    Jobs steps down as Apple CEO


    Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO but will continue as chairman of the board (Photo: Apple) The Apple board of directors accepted Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO and named COO Tim Cook to succeed him at the helm of the US computer and software group. Jobs has been elected ...

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    IT set to benefit from nuclear withdrawal, German exec says


    GFT Technologies CEO Ulrich Dietz The IT industry would benefit if electricity providers move away from nuclear power toward more alternative energy, the head of a German IT group said. Ulrich Dietz, CEO of Germany's GFT Technologies, said the German IT industry could see 50,000 new jobs resulting directly from ...

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    Kearney Study: Intelligent cars create 40,000 new jobs in Germany


    A new study by consultants A.T. Kearney predicts that the use of intelligent IT components in cars will create 40,000 new jobs in Germany through 2025. A sizeable part of the growth will come from electric vehicles, but other new automotive features will also create new jobs at automakers, suppliers ...