Image: PRNewsfoto/NIRA Dynamics AB

Sensor fusion specialist Nira Dynamics, based in Linköping, Sweden, has joined the Renovo AWare ecosystem, thus enabling the automated fleets which use the AWare OS to deploy its Road Surface Information (RSI) software.

The Nira Dynamics RSI software measures and predicts road grip via high resolution data sampling from the vehicle’s embedded sensors and controllers. This is fused with computer vision algorithms and camera feeds, which are used to verify the predictions: the data is then routed to a Nira back end where it is aggregated and provided to consumers as a map layer.

As well as providing safety-critical information to automated vehicles on how weather conditions may be affecting grip, RSI also aids monitoring and maintenance of road infrastructure – it is already utilized by Swedish road authorities and contractors, and potentially adds a new revenue stream for fleet operators.

Gustav Kristiansson, manager of new technologies, Nira Dynamics, said in a statement: “We share Renovo’s vision of an open, interoperable, on-demand ecosystem where best-in-class technologies are combined to bring about automated mobility safely, quickly and economically. We are excited for Nira Dynamics RSI to operate in the AWare ecosystem, helping to make automated vehicles safer by providing detailed grip data, and generating revenue for fleet operators.”

-Farah Alkhalisi