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    Demand for automotive semiconductors grows


    (Photo: Siemens) Global demand for automotive semiconductors is set to grow 4.5 pc annually in the next five years, according to a forecast by Germany's Association of Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers (ZVEI). In 2014, global demand stood at almost 35 billion euros, the association said. Speaking at a ZVEI ...

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    German research project promises faster diagnostics


    Car repairs could be carried out faster as chips are adapted (Photo: ATU) A German research project holds out a promise of faster diagnostics and shorter auto repair times. The project, which is called Diana, involves semiconductor maker Infineon, automotive supplier Continental and premium car maker Audi along with ...

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    Infineon celebrates microcontroller milestone


    Infineon celebrated a milestone this week when it delivered its 100 millionth TriCore microcontroller, a core component powering automotive electronics in more than fifty car brands. Statistically, the Munich-based chipmaker said, the TriCore modules, which help limit fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, can now be found in every second vehicle ...

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    Germany's project HONEY: Designing smaller chips


    German technology companies hope that improved production methods will help reduce the size and weight of in-car semiconductors (Photo:XFAB) Four German semiconductor makers have concluded project "HONEY" and have come up with new methods to make smaller chips. With roughly 1,000 chips and as many as 80 networked electronic systems ...

  • ic insights study

    Semiconductors in cars seen rising 15%


    With the growing importance of automotive electronics, semiconductor content in the car is set to rise 15 pc in 2011, according to IC Insights. The Arizona-based research firm predicts that average semiconductor content per car is going up to 350 dlrs this year from 305 dlrs in 2010. By 2014, ...

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    German association: Japan disaster may lead to "global bottlenecks" in electronics production


    Earthquakes and a tsunami hit the northeastern part of Japan late last week ( The German electronics industry association warned Wednesday that a major Japanese earthquake, a devastating tsunami and the ensuing nuclear-power station malfunctions could lead to problems for the global electronics industry. The industry association, the ZVEI, said ...