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    Study: Automotive suppliers lack well-defined social media plan


    Suppliers can benefit from greater use of social media (Photo: LinkedIn) The world's biggest automotive suppliers only rarely have a clear social-media strategy, according to a study conducted by German PR agency vibrio. They need one, says the agency, because supplier content is becoming ever more important for automakers. ...

  • porsche.automotiveIT

    Porsche unveils movable "pop-up" store


    Porsche's pop-up store will move to London and Shanghai at later dates (Photo: Porsche) Porsche, attempting a new approach to attract younger customers, opened a temporary "pop-up" store in New York. The store, which will move to London and Shanghai at a later date, supplements existing marketing activities and ...

  • reply.automotiveIT

    Social media command center opened in Munich


    Reply's command center is the first of its kind in continental Europe  (Photo: Reply) Arlanis Reply has opened the first social media command center in continental Europe, offering companies an opportunity to listen in on relevant global online discussions of their brands. Arlanis, the Reply Group division specializing ...

  • bitkom kempf.automotiveIT

    Bitkom's social media checklist for small and mid-sized companies


    Bitkom President Kempf says companies can get more value out of social media (Photo: Bitkom) Bitkom, Germany's high-tech industry association, has drawn up a checklist for social media implementation in small and mid-sized companies. The list aims to help companies, which increasingly use social-media tools, get more value out ...

  • dudenhoeffer

    Dudenhoeffer: Do we really need Facebook in the car?


    Dudenhoeffer: Only car-specific applications make sense Respected German automotive analyst Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer said he doesn't think all new IT has a place in the car. "Isn't the question: what do we really need in the car?" he said in an interview with automotiveIT . "Facebook? I don't see it." Dudenhoeffer ...

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    IDC: Cloud computing to go mainstream in 2011


    Cloud services,mobile computing and social networking will converge to become a mainstream IT platform in 2011, according to market researchers IDC. "In 2011, we expect to see these transformative technologies make the critical transition from early adopter status to early mainstream adoption," said Frank Gens, senior vice president and chief ...

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    Generation Facebook in the car industry


    Social networks have become a matter of course for the Facebook generation. And companies in the auto industry are working hard to establish a presence in the world of Web 2.0. New communication initiatives are essential, both to make contact with young talent and to connect with a new generation ...