Takeshi Uchiyamada

A senior Toyota executive said Monday that battery technology needs to evolve a lot further before electric vehicles will really take off.

"Even after improvements are made, in terms of performance and costs, the current lithium-ion battery is still insufficient,"said Takeshi Uchimayada, Toyota executive vice president. "We need a big breakthrough on batteries to replace the cars we have today," he added.

In a press briefing on the eve of the Geneva auto show, Uchimayada said Toyota is working on various technologies to reduce batteries' size, weight and costs. These include all solid-state and lithium-air batteries.

"We see large potential for reducing the size of battereies, but we are still at the laboratory stage so it will take some time before commercialization," the Toyota executive said.

Uchimayada didn't rule out cooperations on new technologies with other companies. "I don't necessarily think that we will always do things by ourselves," he said. He noted that, especially in the field of new green technologies there are cooperation possibilities.