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  • j.d. power.automotiveIT

    J.D. Power study: Quality up but infotainment problems abound


    The Kia Optima is the Korean brand's biggest US seller (Photo: Kia) J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study found that new vehicles are constructed better than ever, but problems abound in infotainment and other relatively new automotive technologies that are crucial to the auto industry's transformation. The study, which measures ...

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    Despite deadly crash, Tesla stands by Autopilot


    Tesla's Autpilot requires drivers to keep their hands on the wheel (Photo: Tesla) Tesla said a deadly crash involving a Model S doesn't cast doubt on the viability of its autonomous driving technology. The Californian electric car maker was responding to a preliminary investigation by US authorities into an ...

  • porsche.automotiveIT

    VW: No forbidden software in 3-liter V6 diesels


    The 2015 Porsche Cayenne diesel was cited by the EPA (Photo: Porsche) Volkswagen, in response to new allegations of illegal software deployment, denied that vehicles with V6 TDI engines sold in the US are equipped with programs that can detect emissions testing cycles and react to them. The US ...

  • Nissan.automotiveIT

    Nissan sets 2020 as target for range of autonomous vehicles


    Nissan has already been testing autonomous vehicles in the US (Photo: Nissan) Nissan said it will have available several "commercially viable" autonomous vehicles by 2020. Prices will be "realistic" and the company's stated goal isto have autonomous vehicles across its model range. It wants to achieve that in the ...

  • driver distraction.automotiveIT

    US proposes concrete steps to reduce driver distraction


    The US Administration wants drivers to keep their eyes on the road (Photo: NHTS) The US administration released guidelines Monday that include concrete measures to reduce driver distraction. The recommendations, issued by the Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), call on automakers to disable manual text entry ...

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    Ford to hire 2,200 US workers this year


    Ford Motor plans to hire 2,200 salaried workers in the US this year to support the planned rollout of a range of new vehicles. The US based carmaker said it added more than 8,100 hourly and salaried jobs in the US in 2012 as it increased production capacity and expanded ...

  • obama lahood.automotiveIT

    US sets new fuel-efficiency standards for 2025


    US President Obama (l) and Transportation Secretary LaHood see economic benefits from the new rules (Photo: DOT) The US government finalized new automotive fuel consumption standards that will force the auto industry to make cars and light trucks substantially more fuel-efficient over the next 13 years. By 2025, new cars ...

  • la show.automotiveIT

    Los Angeles Auto Show


    The LA Auto Show organizers expect more than 50 global and North American product debuts The Los Angeles Auto Show will open its doors Nov. 18 amid continued optimism that the car industry is heading for continued global growth in coming years. "The automotive industry is gaining momentum," said Andy ...

  • insurance allstate.automotiveIT

    Telematics help lower car insurance costs in US


    Insurers increasingly provide telematics-based coverage that helps lower policy costs (Photo: Allstate) Insurers are increasingly offering voluntary programs that use telematics devices to track driver behavior, according to the US Insurance Information Institute. The III, an insurance industry lobbying group, said in a press release that insurers have long used ...

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    Harman expands VW infotainment contract to Asia


    A Harman infotainment system is available in the Audi A6 Avant Harman said a six-year 1.2 billion dlr infotainment order from Volkswagen group has grown to a total volume 1.6 billion dlrs. The additional business involves providing next-generation scalable premium infotainment solutions for VW group brands Audi, SEAT, Skoda and ...

  • Strickland.automotiveIT

    WSJ: US top safety regulator focuses on technology


    David Strickland Technology will play a major role in a US push to make driving safer, says the country’s top auto-safety regulator, David Strickland. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Strickland, who heads the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wants to address issues presented by new ...

  • zipcar

    Zipcar moves into Hollywood


    Car sharing is set to grow in Los Angeles with a recent move by Zipcar into Hollywood. The car sharing service announced last week that it is expanding a pilot partnership with the city of Los Angeles that started in September, 2009. The company has added 10 cars to its ...

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    Electric-vehicle noise bill moves to White House for signature


    The US House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that will require electric vehicles to make a sound while driving. The so-called “Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act” now moves to President Barack Obama for signing. The legislation will provide blind, visually impaired, and other pedestrians greater security when traveling in close proximity ...

  • THINK-delivers-its-first-U.S.-built-electric-cars

    THINK starts US electric vehicle production


    THINK has delivered its first US-built EV in Indiana THINK has started production of its THINK City vehicle in the US, the Norwegian electric-vehicle maker said in a press statement. THINK’s Elkhart, Indiana, plant is receiving partially assembled vehicles from contract manufacturer Valmet in Finland, where the European version of ...

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    Siemens, Streetline to jointly market smart parking products


    Siemens said it has signed an agreement with Streetline, a US parking solutions provider, to jointly market a range of smart parking products and services. The agreement will let Germany’s Siemens improve its intelligent traffic systems (ITS) applications by integrating Streetline’s parking sensors into its own parking products. Streetline will ...

  • routan_RearViewBackupCamera

    US govt proposes mandatory backup cameras for bigger cars


    VW’s Routan van has a rearview camera The US government is proposing mandatory backup cameras for bigger vehicles. The new safety regulation follows the 2007 so-called “Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act,” which resulted from the death of a child that was killed when his father accidentally backed over him ...

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    Poll: Americans favor ban on mobile-phone use while driving


    American voters support a federal ban on cell phone use while driving, even while using a “hands-free” device, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released this week. The poll showed that 63 percent of respondents favored a ban. “In a country narrowly split on most questions, there is unusual ...

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    At VW brand, an enhanced digital sales tool


    VW’s new US Web site providers potential buyers with increased functionality Volkswagen brand is embarking on a worldwide digital sales and marketing offensive. The plan acknowledges the growing importance of the internet in car sales. The new offering will start in the US and will then be rolled out globally. ...