Image: Gubagoo

Florida-based Gubagoo has announced a digital retailing solution enabling car dealers to sell vehicles via Facebook Marketplace. It claims that this enables customers to build a deal on a vehicle and get financing approved within 30 minutes, and to calculate payments, get a trade-in car valued, apply for rebates, and choose accessories and aftermarket services.

The Gubagoo Virtual Retailing service is completely integrated within both Facebook and dealers’ own websites, with enquiries initiated via Messenger, but full-time support is also offered. Buyers and dealers can also connect via live chat, text or video. The service will be sold as an add-on to the Florida-based firm’s existing ChatSmart live chat product.

Brad Title, Gubagoo CEO, said in a statement: “We are investing heavily in integrating with Marketplace and Messenger to bring the car buying experience online. Gubagoo Virtual Retailing in Messenger allows us to go beyond high-quality lead generation and close deals, freeing up dealers to focus their efforts on in-store customers. Dealers can also watch a live deal as it’s happening, jump into a chat with the customer, desk a deal on the fly and send it to the customer.”

Title also pointed out: “Upwards of 80pc of consumers do not complete the entire online process and tend to defect, perpetuating a negative customer experience. When customers come into the dealership, they can now continue where they left off rather than having to start again.”