Visteon CIO Mehta calls for more engagement by IT staff in dialogue with business

BERLIN — IT departments need to boost their level of engagement across the company to be effective agents of transformation, Visteon CIO Raman Mehta said Thursday.

Addressing the automotiveIT Congress here, Mehta said Visteon has actively embraced new digital technologies throughout its operations.

“The technology transformation has radically changed the way we think and work,” he said.

Visteon has over the past six years narrowed its business focus to cockpit electronics. The company is positioning its products for an era of autonomous cars, over-the-air updates and cloud-based systems.

IT needs to enable this strategy,” Mehta said. “If IT does not enable this journey, we will be left by the wayside.”

Visteon is changing from a product-based focus to a company that deploys a platform strategy across the board. This reduces costs and improves efficiency, Mehta said. “We need to think much more in terms of platforms,” he said.

Improving skills in the IT group is crucial, the Visteon CIO said, and IT staff needs to become more engaged with its business counterparts within the company. “You have to speak the language of the business,” he said.

Key parts of Mehta’s strategy include network infrastructure optimization; relying on cloud-based security intelligence; and optimizing the backend. One of Mehta’s goals: To have an “innovative cloud-enabled architecture.”