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  • artificial intelligence.automotiveIT

    Will this be the year of artificial intelligence?


    Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the transformation of the auto industry in 2019. The reasons: Automakers have to better understand their customers as they forge a more direct relationship. And growing amounts of available data will require the auto industry to adopt more sophisticated analysis tools to ...

  • 2018-nio-day-launch-02

    NIO launches ES6 electric SUV, battery upgrades, updated NOMI digital assistant


    Image: NIO NIO’s ES6 five-seater electric SUV was launched this week at an event in Shanghai, and the company further announced a battery upgrade plan for its existing longer-wheelbase, seven-seat ES8. Over 9,700 ES8s have now been sold in China, and upgrades to the new 84 kWh ...

  • hondaATV

    Honda to show autonomous, robotics and energy management solutions


    Image: Honda Honda is planning an extensive exhibit for next month’s CES, Las Vegas, to highlight its work in autonomous vehicles, robotics and connectivity and to attract future collaborators. Its Silicon Valley-based Honda Innovations division is to announce new tie-ups with start-ups and other partners. The ...

  • nuance multimodal

    Nuance spins off its automotive division as a separate company, specializing in conversational AI


    Image: Nuance Communications Nuance Communications is planning to spin off its automotive business division and activities into an independent, publicly-traded automotive software company, Nuance Auto. The formation of this company and share transactions are expected to be completed by the end of the 2019 fiscal year. ...

  • allegro_ai

    Hyundai Cradle invests in for deep learning, autonomous decision-making


    Image: Hyundai’s corporate venture division has made an investment in Israeli technology firm, which specializes in deep learning-based computer vision. It aims to accelerate its deployment of artificial intelligence across various business areas, as well as to use AI to enhance the safety of the ...

  • daimler.automotiveIT

    In-vehicle UX at Daimler: “We want to offer our customers as many options as possible, but want to provide the best solution ourselves”


    Sajjad Khan, vice president digital vehicle mobility at Daimler, tells automotiveIT how in-vehicle UX, operating systems and AI will develop and converge.

  • D533181

    Daimler Financial Services invests in New Zealand start-up Soul Machines for advanced avatars


    Image: Daimler Daimler’s financial and mobility services division has made a strategic investment in Soul Machines, a start-up from New Zealand specializing in emotional intelligence for digital avatars. Daimler Financial Services intends to further develop these for use in its customer experience, having already worked with Soul Machines ...

  • Audi optimizes quality inspections in the press shop with artifi

    Audi adopts AI to automate inspections


    Image: Audi Audi is testing software using artificial intelligence to recognise and identify tiny cracks in sheet metal. The deep learning system, deployed in the press shop at Ingolstadt, is said to detect the finest cracks in door panels, hoods, fenders and other sheet metal components in an automated ...

  • Vision URBANETIC: Mit dem Vision URBANETIC in die Stadt der ZukunftVision URBANETIC: Into the city of the future with Vision URBANETIC

    Mercedes-Benz Vans adds AI to last-mile logistics


    Shining star. The MB Vision Urbanetic concept premiered at the Hannover Commercial Show The Future Transportation team of Mercedes-Benz Vans has developed an AI and computer vision-powered cargo sensor system. CoROS (Cargo Recognition and Organization System) is intended to optimize deliveries for logistics businesses by automating cargo management, decreasing ...

  • perceptiveautomata

    Hyundai Cradle invests in Perceptive Automata


    Image: Perceptive Automata Hyundai’s corporate venture business, Hyundai Cradle, is taking a stake in Perceptive Automata, a developer of AI software for autonomous vehicles. The start-up, which recently joined the Renovo AWare ecosystem , uses rich sensor data and deep learning models to gain an understanding of how people ...