Kia will illustrate its ‘emotive driving’ concept at CES (Photo: Kia)

Kia Motors will show a new technology at the CES consumer electronics exhibition that will allow a vehicle to automatically adapt its cabin to a driver’s emotional state.

The Korean car brand said its real-time emotion adaptive driving (READ) technology is designed for an era when driverless cars will be the norm on the world’s roads.

READ, which was developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will use artificial intelligence to assess a driver’s emotional state and subsequently adapt conditions in a car’s interior.

The technology will create “an interactive future mobility in-cabin space,” Kia President Albert Biermann said in a statement.

Kia said it will also show other technologies focused on its “emotive driving” concept at CES, which starts with a press day January 7.

CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics show. The Las Vegas gathering has in recent years expanded to become a showcase for the latest automotive technologies.