Image: Audi

Audi has launched a 3D visualization app in its product configurator to give potential customers a real-time, high-resolution 360-degree view of their chosen vehicle. The Audi Visualization Engine, based on virtual data models, allows interaction with the animated rendering: turning on the headlights, opening and closing the doors, opening and closing a convertible’s roof, and zooming in to fine details. The image can also be positioned in a choice of landscapes or backgrounds.

The app will be available via the Audi customer website in Germany and 24 additional countries, including the UK, France, Spain, USA and Japan. Project manager Thomas Orenz said in a statement: “Particularly when it comes to the individual equipment options, our new 3D visualization in the configurator provides customers with an extremely comprehensive, detailed image of the desired model and supports their purchasing decision.” Next steps will be to upgrade the image quality to 4K, add further country-specific environments, and customize the solution for use in dealerships.

Apps like this, and those using AR, are an aspect of the development of digital retail and new business models for automotive sales and marketing. This was a topic discussed at automotiveIT International’s conference in Atlanta, May 2018.

-Farah Alkhalisi