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    CeBIT - Hanover


    CeBIT 2013 will focus on how companies and institutions are increasingly sharing rather than owning knowledge, resources and experience.The annual high-tech fair, the world's largest, will take place in Hanover March 5 - 9, 2013. The theme of the fair is "Shareconomy." In addition to sharing, the CeBIT exhibition halls ...

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    2013 cyber threats: Supply chain prone to data security risks


    (Photo: ISF)With more internal information held by outside service providers, companies face the risk of increased threats to data security, according to an independent cyber security body."More organizations will fall victim to information security incidents at their suppliers," the Information Security Forum (ISF) predicted. "Today's organization's data is increasingly ...

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    automotiveIT Congress - Hanover


    More than 500 executives attended the 2012 automotiveIT Congress (Photo: Claus Dick)automotiveIT will host its fifth annual IT conference March 7, 2013, in Hanover.The event, which will have as its theme "IT technologies are changing the auto industry," is staged each year during the annual CeBIT high-tech fair. The ...

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    Ford's big data chief helps with "heavy lifting"


    Ford's John Ginder uses new data analysis techniques to help Ford's operations (Photo: Ford)John Ginder, who runs the big-data operations of Ford Motor, sees his role as allowing the carmaker”˜s operating units to solve their problems with the help of IT. "We look for opportunities where organizations don't have ...

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    Gartner: Global IT spending to rise 3 pc in 2012


     Gartner says IT consultants are in demand, but global IT spending remains lackluster (Photo: Gartner)Global IT spending is set to rise 3 pc in 2012 to 3.6 trillion dlrs, with investments in cloud-based services posting particularly strong growth, according to a Gartner forecast.The market researchers said the increase is ...

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    Big Data analysis provides big opportunities - survey


    Companies appreciate big data but struggle with huge information volumes (Photo:(istockphoto thinkstock)Making better use of big data provides huge potential for productivity improvement, according to a global survey of senior corporate executives.The poll, carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of consultants Capgemini, found that big data is ...

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    Interview: JCI's automotive CIO on course to meet global targets


    Sanjay Rishi is CIO and group vice president, information technology, at Automotive Experience, the biggest division of US-based Johnson Controls.Rishi runs a global IT operation with between 400 and 500 people worldwide, not including a "partner ecosystem" of companies that provide a broad range of IT services to JCI.The automotive ...

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    Teradata boosts software offering through acquisition


    Teradata says integrated marketing management is emerging as one of the largest areas of investment for companiesTeradata said it has completed its acquisition of Aprimo, a maker of Cloud-based integrated marketing software.The US-based data warehousing and enterprise analytics company said the move will help it “drive the future of integrated ...