Electric-vehicle startup Byton said it has completed cold-weather testing of its M-Byte prototype.

Byton experience center

EV startup Byton is on the charge

The tests of the electrically powered SUV in Inner Mongolia in northern China focused on batteries, battery management and drive electronics.

They are a further step on the road to commercialization of the M-Byte, which is scheduled to enter pre-series production this summer, Byton said.

Byton is building a new plant near its headquarters is Nanjing. It said it is currently equipping the factory with machinery. Work on the press and paint shops is almost complete.

The Chinese company, whose core management team is comprised of executives recruited from companies including BMW, Tesla, Google and Apple, aspires to create a new premium electric-vehicle brand.

It wants intelligence to be one of the defining characteristics of the marque. The M-Byte  SUV will have a 49 inch “shared experience display” that lets driver and front-seat passenger configure the instrument panel and various infotainment options.

In addition, Byton will offer a range of novel human-vehicle interaction technologies, including voice recognition, touch control, gesture control and facial recognition.