• t-systems.automotiveIT

    Made for Daimler suppliers: a CAD bridge for NX and Catia


    T-Systems says Com/Fox can even convert files with kinematics components without data loss (Photo: T-Systems) T-Systems is offering suppliers to Daimler a program that can convert 3D CAD data created with Catia into a format that can still be used following the company switch to a new Siemens NX ...

  • daimler.automotiveIT

    Daimler completes transition to Siemens NX CAD software


    Daimler's switch to Siemens NX reflects a desire to integrate all product data with CAD (Photo: Siemens) Daimler has completed a groupwide transition to Siemens NX CAD software, which replaced Dassault Systemes' Catia V5 software across all of the company's divisions. The German car and truck maker said the ...

  • daimler siemens.automotiveIT

    Daimler's switch from Catia to Siemens NX moves into higher gear


    Daimler's change is driven by compatibility issues between its CAD and PDM software Daimler's preparations for its planned switch from Catia to Siemens NX are progressing and the carmaker has, in the words of one insider, entered the "hot phase" of the transition. Two-thirds of CAD software users still ...

  • dassault.automotiveIT

    Dassault bundles applications to address car design complexity


    Dassault Systems has grouped several of its applications in a package designed to manage the complexity of building increasingly electrified vehicles. The simulation software, CAD/CAM and product lifecycle management specialist said its "Smart, Safe & Connected Car" solution will accelerate the development of embedded systems while helping automakers meet all ...

  • catia v6.dassault.automotiveIT

    Webasto upgrades to Catia V6


    Dassault Systemes also announced the latest release of its  Catia software (Photo: Dassault Systemes) Webasto is upgrading its PLM systems to Catia V6 from V5, software consultancy Cenit said. The upgrade will allow the Germany-based automotive roof specialist to manage all licenses held by its global units centrally Bernd ...

  • Autodesk Cloud.automotiveIT

    Autodesk introduces cloud-based PLM software


    Autodesk hopes its cloud-based solution will appeal to smaller companies as well (Photo: Autodesk) Autodesk has unveiled new cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software targeted at existing as well as new users. The US based 3d design, engineering and entertainment software group said in a press release that its new ...

  • siemens solid edge.automotiveIT

    From Siemens PLM, millions of parts in 3D


    Configurable parts can be viewed in 3D detail (Photo: Siemens PLM) Siemens PLM has launched a new internet portal where users of its Solid Edge software can review millions of parts and components in 3D CAD models. The German maker of product-lifecycle-management software said the portal allows users to configure ...

  • daimler siemens.automotiveIT

    Daimler: 10-year agreement with Siemens PLM


    Daimler has agreed with Siemens on a 10-year agreement for the use of the technology group's NX CAD software. The German premium car group decided last year to replace its Dassault CATIA software with Siemens' NX CAD system. The move came as a surprise to France-based Dassault. Daimler wants to ...

  • porsche lorenz.automotiveIT

    Porsche CIO Sven Lorenz has growing product portfolio


    Lorenz isobserving "with great interest" Daimler’s CAD move from Dassault to Siemens Sven Lorenz, Porsche’s CIO is a busy man. Not only does he have to manage integration with new majority owner Volkswagen, he also has to deal with the increasing role of social media, continued tight budgets andthe need ...

  • ansys simulation.automotiveIT

    Simulation exec says new approach crucial to EV success


    Ansys says multi-dimensional simulation is key to developing EVs and batteries (illustration: Ansys) A senior Ansys executive said new thinking about simulation - and a new toolset - is required tosuccessfully master the complexity of developing electric vehicles and the battery systems that power them. "This decade is a new ...