Image: Capgemini Invent

Capgemini Invent, a digital consulting division of the global Capgemini group, is launching a consultancy service which promises to help automotive OEMs accelerate digitization across their business, identify new opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction.

Smart Mobility Connect leverages strategy, technology, design, data analytics and artificial intelligence in three key areas: connected customer, using real-time data to provide actionable insights on customer experience and engagement; connected services and products, using data and insights to identify high-potential areas for accessible, individually-tailored connected products and services; and connected ecosystem, to help define positioning within the digital value chain and adopt agile business and operating models. AI functionalities can be deployed to connect stakeholders in this system, which is underpinned by Capgemini’s ‘Customer Engine’ technical framework for customer engagement platforms.

Audi is one of the OEMs which has worked with Capgemini, a digital consulting division of the global Capgemini group. “We are creating digital services, mobility services, platforms and solutions for customers, dealers and new ecosystem partners,” said Nils Wollny, Audi’s head of digital business strategy and customer experience, in a statement applauding the consultancy’s support and input. “We have a great ambition for digital business.”

Dr Rainer Mehl, managing director of manufacturing, automotive and life sciences, Capgemini Invent, said: “Everything about the way we buy, own and use a vehicle is transforming. Consumers expect a digital relationship with their car that is as personalised and seamless as their regular online interactions, and OEMs must keep pace to meet and exceed their expectations. Capgemini Invent is championing innovative ways of working to help OEMs tackle the new and evolving reality of the automotive landscape: from incorporating agile methodologies, learning and adapting in real-time, to rapid iteration and prototyping.”