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    US wants mandatory car-to-car communication


    The next generation of cars is likely to be connected to other cars and to the traffic infrastructure (Photo: Continental) (Bloomberg) --US automobile regulators want passenger cars and light trucks to wirelessly stream data about their movements and monitor other vehicles so they don’t crash into each other. All ...

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    Germany prepares for big car-to-x communication test


    Live car-to-X tests will be conducted in and around Frankfurt (Photo: SimTD) Germany is getting ready for a large field test of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication. SimTD, which is the German acronym for Safe Intelligent Mobility - Test Area Germany, this week presented asystem that will be tested with a ...

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    Fujitsu, Autotalks to cooperate on car-to-car communication chip


    Autotalks and Fujitsu are counting on strong growth in car-to-car communication (Photo: Fujitsu) Fujitsu and Autotalks said they will cooperate to make a communication processor that will lay the groundwork for better vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The Japanese electronics group's European unit, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, will build the new processor. It will ...

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    U.S. tests connected-vehicle technology


    Wireless connectivity allows cars to be continuously aware of each other, which can help avoid accidents (source:DOT) The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced six cities where it will be conducting tests of new vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems. The cities are: Brooklyn, MI, Minneapolis, Orlando, Blacksburg, VA, Dallas and San ...

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    Bill Ford warns for global automotive gridlock


    Bill Ford believes car-to-car communication can help alleviate increasing road congestion Bill Ford warned that producing more green cars won't solve the problem of increasing overcrowding on the world's roads. "A green traffic jam is still a traffic jam," Ford warned in an essay written for the U.S. business magazine ...

  • Klaus Draeger has headed BMW r&d since 2006

    Interview: BMW’s Draeger: High hopes for car-to-car communication


    Klaus Draeger has been in charge of r&d at BMW since 2006 Klaus Draeger began his career as a scientific staff member at the university before earning his PhD. In 1985, he joined BMW as a trainee in the manufacturing area. He passed through various posts at the German premium ...