Image: Clutch Technologies

Clutch Technologies of Atlanta has launched Clutch Payments, an end-to-end billing and payments platform for vehicle subscription services. This is based on the Stripe Connect technology stack to give a turn-key software solution which is both customizable and scalable, allowing for a series of options for customer payments and administration.

Service providers can, for example, offer flexible subscription plans, meter miles, charge for exceeding mileage limits, offer discounts or divide payments between third parties such as insurers, financing companies, roadside assistance providers and suchlike.

Vince Zappa, president of Clutch Technologies, said in a statement: “Dealers and OEMs want a single subscription platform that covers everything they need, while offering the flexibility to adapt as their subscription grows. Billing and payments are among the most critical elements of the subscription ecosystem.”

Richard Alfonsi, head of global revenue and growth at Stripe, noted: “Shoppers are increasingly inclined to buy everyday items – from meal kits to beauty supplies, and now their cars – via subscription services. In fact, our research shows that 32pc of consumers would prefer to sign up for a subscription than make a one-off purchase.”

-Farah Alkhalisi